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How to seach Chinese companies on a step-by-step guide

How to seach Chinese companies on a step-by-step guide

Use | 2023-02-12 provides an automated tool called "Instant Company Search" for users who want to search the company registry information and the information in the public domain, such as court records, administrative orders, and law violation records.

Conducting a company search is easy on our site:

1. Input a keyword in the Instant Company Search search engine (the "Search Engine") and click the "Get the report" button.

Here are some tips on the keywords:

  • Use short names, such as the brand name, business name, company name abbreviations, website, etc. This kind of keyword can be either in English or in Chinese.
  • Use the complete Chinese company name. Please DO NOT use a translated full English company name because Chinese companies have no official English name. If you only know the English name, please use only the business name as the keyword. For example, shorten "Guangdong ABC Co., Ltd." to "Guangdong ABC" or "ABC".
  • Use the social credit code. It serves as the ID number of a Chinese company and can be found in the business licenses. The code is 18-digit and contains alphabetic and numeric characters, such as "91441234CD57DT533N".

Whois reverse check registrant name

2. The Search Engine will show the results based on the search hits.

  • If the keyword hits multiple companies, the Search Engine will show you the top 20 results, i.e., the most likely targets you are searching for. You can click the "Get the report" button on the right of each company to buy the respective company search reports.
  • Also, we provide you an option to download the list of the companies hit by the keyword (120 companies included at maximum), which costs US$8.9 per report. Click "Get the company list" to place an order. Here is a real example of a company list (We call it a List Report).

Whois reverse check registrant name

3. We provide three types of company search reports with different content scopes.

  • "Pre" Report - contains only the basic information of a company, without contact information such as phones, emails, and websites. A Pre Report costs US$ 9.9. Currently, we are running a promotion, so the report is free to download.
  • "Basic" Report - has much more comprehensive information than a Pre version. A Basic Report costs US$ 19.9 and includes the following:
  1. Contact information
  2. Employee number
  3. Shareholders, directors, management, invested entities, and branches
  4. Registration change records
  5. Court records
  6. Tax credit rating
  7. Administrative licenses granted
  • "Riskplus" Report - costs US$29.9; contains all the information included in a Basic Report, and additionally consists of the following information:
  1. Detailed status: 
  2. date and reason for deregistration, 
  3. bankruptcy, reorganization, and 
  4. liquidation records.
  5. Abnormal records: 
  6. administrative orders, 
  7. unsettled tax overdue, 
  8. serious offenses, abnormal records, and 
  9. land mortgage records.

Whois reverse check registrant name

- End -

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