2024-02-06: Added user login function

2024-02-06: Added user login function where user can obtain invoice for all reports purchased. User can also view past search records which were not completed.

2023-12-16: Added PDF invoice function

User can get PDF invoice link in the deliver email sent to the user's mailbox.

2023-08-06: Bug fix

Fixed a bug that may cause redundant marks of "no records found" in the report.

2023-06-18: Launched Flex Report

Launched Flex Report, allowing users to select the report contents, just like building blocks. The Flex Report offers the opportunity on saving costs and focusing on the interested contents. Please read this article on how to get the Flex Report: Introducing Our New Service: Flex Report - Tailored Report Just for You!

2023-04-15: Bug fix - Retrieve report

Fixed a bug when retrieving report generated before our last update (before 8 April 2023).

2023-04-08: Site accessibility

Added a report FAQ page that provides the interpretation of the report items.

2023-04-08: Payment

Added Stripe as a payment option.

2023-04-08: Major update - Report content

We have added the following content to our report:
1. For all type of reports: added the table of content. Users can click on the menu and go to the respective section directly.
2. For Basic and Riskplus reports: added a number of information, including contacts and websites found in the annual reports submitted to the SAMR, certificates found (such as ISO certifications), and the breakdown of employee numbers with social insurance in recent years.
3. For Riskplus reports: product/complaince/other inspection records and terminated execution cases. Replaced the land mortgage records with current assets mortgage.

2023-03-22: Added conent in Section 6 "Court records"

For Instant Company Search, in Section 6 "Court records" of the search report (Basic and Riskplus), we have added a new search for judicial cases which are ongoing and without judgments. If the search hits any records, they will be included in Section 6.2 "Legal records (including unresolved judicial cases)", parallel to Section 6.1 "Records of legal proceedings".


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