Pre-deal Supplier Screening

Found a Chinese supplier, but unsure if it is trustworthy?
We have a series of tools to help you with supplier screening.

Company search - Supplier verification - Company background check

WHY screen?

Identify risks as early as possible to avoid wasting time on unqualified suppliers.

HOW to screen?

Through our automated tools and experienced analysts, we are confident to assist you in screening potential suppliers.

WHY us?

Our products and services, which are a combination of technology and professional experience, can offer various supplier screening services to meet your needs.

WHAT to screen?

Are there any significant risks affecting the supplier's delivery capability?

Illegal identity
False company registration information, including fake business licenses, addresses, certificates, shareholders, etc.

Disputes & violations
Significant disputes or legal violations, such as shareholder disputes, criminal offenses, etc.

Adverse records
Significant negative information, such as failed quality inspections or negative product safety news.

Misleading marketing
Exaggerated promotions, such as overstating production capacity, teams, delivery capability, and false advertising.

Poor financial health
Significant financial liabilities, such as fines, mortgages, liquidations, bankruptcies, etc.


Report Types and Sample Reports

Instant Company Search

7/24 automatic delivery

Advanced Company Background Check

Analysts-delivered report within 5 business days

Pre Report


Basic Report


Riskplus Report


Flex Report

Flex New

Advanced Report

Company name and social credit code
Legal representative
Registered address
Incorporation date
Company status
Registered capital
Registration authority, company type, industry
Business scope
Contact information (Phone, website, email as applicable)
Employee number (with social insurance)
Organizational information: shareholders, directors, management, and invested entities and branches
Registration change records
Court records (publicly available)
Tax credit rating
Administrative licenses and certificates granted
Inspection records
Detailed status: date and reason for deregistration, bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation records
Judgment debtors and dishonest judgement debtors
Terminated execution cases
Restrictions on high-amount consumptions
Administrative orders
Unsettled tax overdue and tax violations
Serious law offenses
Abnormal operation records
Current assets mortgage records
Verifification business license information by analysts
Analyze company search report content and assess impact on delivery capability
Investigative analytics: Revese checks, media search and in-depth background check
Quality checks on the translation results of the translation engine
For all types of reports, optional at a cost of US$ 69.9 per report.
Not applicable - Analysts will deliver advanced report.


US$ 4.9 / Report
US$ 24.9 / Report
US$ 39.9 / Report
Starting from US$ 5.9 per section, based on selection.
US$ 299 / Report


We provide tools and services on public information search for companies in China. Our mission is to organize public business information in emerging markets and make it accessible through automated tools and value-added services to provide insights into your business decision.

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