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Caution! This company might use a fake business license

Caution! This company might use a fake business license

Due diligence | 2023-05-20

Recently, our analysts assisted one of our clients in performing a background check on an electronics wholesale e-commerce site. The observations suggest the company operating this site might use a fake business license. Worse, its business license was already revoked in May 2022.

The company shows its business certificate, tax registration certificate, and importer and exporter certificate on its website ( It discloses that the company's English name is Saleholy Electronics Technology International Trade Co., Ltd., and the Chinese name is 深圳迪信通电子科技有限公司 ("Company A"), established on 25 May 2010.

Based on the above information and the background check procedures performed by our analysts, we saw the following abnormalities:

1. The search result of the business license does not match the information shown on it:

  • By searching the registration code (440307103898987 - note 1) on the business license in the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, the company in the search result named 深圳市易赛维电子有限公司 (Shenzhen Yiwaiwei Electronics Co., Ltd.) ("Company B"), which is different to Company A, but it is supposed to be the same as Company A has no historical names;
  • Besides the inconsistent company names, other information also differs, including the legal representative, registered address, registered capital, and incorporation date. But the company registration code and business scope are the same.

2. Company B's status is "revoked but not deregistered." The revocation date is 5 May 2022. It has been included in the list of companies with serious law offense records from August 2021, because it has been in the list of companies with abnormal operation records for three consecutive years. In July 2020, the company was marked as abnormal as the SAMR could not contact it through the registered information. The earliest abnormal record was in July 2018.

search result marked

3. The issue date of the importer and exporter certificate (note 2) shown on the company's website was 5 September 2001 (the following right image), nine years before the company's incorporation date on the business license (the following left image), which is impossible.

search result marked

We also noted more websites are related to Company A:

  • (Source:

See our automatically generated company search report (Riskplus) for Company A, in which the risk indicators have been flagged.

Note 1: Before 2015, there was no company social credit code. Therefore, the registration code serves as the ID for a company, and it is different from the tax registration number issued by the tax authority.

Note 2: the importer and exporter certificate has no longer been needed for companies handling international trade fairs from December 2022.

- End -

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